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“A quiet place” is part of my Tapestry series of semi abstract paintings that explore the simplification of shape, space, colour and texture in places I have visited. Some of these are specific to landscapes around my studio in Surrey, the South Downs and Devon but mostly they are a visual amalgamation of experiences, like a patchwork of memories and feelings from one or many places. Tapestry-like landscapes with bold mono-tone blocks which reflect the shadowy-shape of evergreen trees against more open hills and meadows. 


I see more when I’m not focused on the detail, painting intuitively with a mix of acrylics, inks, chalk and oil pastels to capture an emotive response to a place rather than the reality of a specific landscape. Brush strokes and marks are layered and carved with fluid lines that create imagined dream-like patterns. 


“A quiet place” is painted on canvas with muted shades of slate, teal and indigo contrasted with a bold graphic swathe of charcoal.


This painting is framed in a contemporary hand-painted frame in white.


    Mixed media, sealed and waxed
    Hand painted white tray frame, ready to hang

    Canvas size: 100cm (L) x 70cm (W) x 4cm (D)


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